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Future Economic Keynote Speaker

Richard Vague is the perfect choice for your event as a Future Economist, boasting extensive expertise and a forward-thinking approach. With a focus on assisting business executives in navigating financial complexities, Vague offers invaluable insights to enhance organizational performance and mitigate risks.

As a futurist and economic historian, he provides a unique perspective, delving into historical economic trends and projecting forward, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of future economic landscapes and invaluable foresight into emerging trends shaping the business environments.

Cape May TedX Talk 2023

In this iconoclastic talk, Richard Vague examines the assets, liabilities, and incomes of the entire country, private and public sectors, to reveal its net worth. His holistic analysis shows that the real factor that drives both financial crises and spiraling inequality―but also, paradoxically, economic growth―is ever-rising private debt. The paradox is that while debt is essential and our economy relies on it, it also brings instability. 


Keynote 01: TEDx TALK

The Paradox of Debt: The Future of the Global Economy

The world’s key trends are seeing massive change. The economic progress of China and Germany will be challenged as never before. Demographic trends now matter more than they ever have. Inequality has increased dramatically, a trend that is poised to accelerate. At a time when the world is striving to get beyond, COVID, high inflation, and supply chain disruptions, new geopolitical and military conflicts are proliferating.


Richard provides the context needed to understand the forces at work creating momentum for change in the economy and your business. As a futurist and economic historian, he provides a new and unique context by examining “where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going” in the global economy.

Audience Takeaways

An understanding of the implications of private and public debt trends within these countries


Insights into the future of the world’s 7 largest economies, with a focus on the United States and China.

Risk analysis of geographic expansion opportunities

Assessment of the probability of regional and global financial crisis

Keynote 02

Understanding the Sources of Wealth, Money, and GDP Growth: A Solution-Oriented Perspective

In this talk, we delve into the intricate web of wealth, money, and GDP growth, offering actionable insights to unlock their sources. We explore dynamic strategies and perspectives to propel macroeconomic prosperity. From fostering sustainable ecosystems to forecasting and mitigating risk, we navigate the pathways of wealth and inequality. By adopting a solution-oriented approach, we aim to empower governments and industries to drive meaningful economic growth, catalyzing positive change in national and global economies alike.


Increased Understanding: Gain insight into wealth, money, and GDP dynamics for informed decisions.


Practical Solutions: Obtain actionable strategies for unlocking macroeconomic wealth sources and driving GDP growth.

Inspired Action: Motivate active engagement in fostering sustainable economic development and risk mitigation

Overhead View of Mansion
Accountant at Work

Keynote 03

Navigating the Dark Side of Debt: Empowering Solutions for a Sustainable Economy

In this talk, we delve into the complexities of debt in business and governments, exploring its potential pitfalls and empowering strategies for sustainability. Through real-world examples and expert insights, we navigate the dark side of debt, addressing challenges such as macroeconomic over-leveraging, interest burdens, and financial risks. From prudent borrowing practices to questions of debt restructuring and the issue of debt jubilees, attendees gain insight into understanding debt trends in their industry and in the national and global economy.

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