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Richard's Initiatives

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High-level analysis of private sector debt and credit risk trends for the world's seven largest economies.

The Tychos Analytics Group is a non-profit organization that focuses primarily on private sector credit trends since these are central to predicting financial crises. The tools included here are meant to provide a starting point for more comprehensive analysis and conclusions.

Debt Economics
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Download data on debt trends for most major economies.

Credit expert Richard Vague argues that to understand the current performance of the economy, a closer look should be made of the ratio of private debt to GDP, which is a greater determinant of economic trends than government debt.

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Delancey Place
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A brief daily email with an excerpt or quote we view as interesting or noteworthy, offered with commentary to provide context.

There is no theme, except that most excerpts will come from a non-fiction work, mainly works of history, and we hope will have a more universal relevance than simply the subject of the book from which they came. And there is not necessarily an endorsement, and in some cases an excerpt may be particularly controversial and we may disagree with some or all of it, but nevertheless deem it worth noting.

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